The Reality of Human Sex Trafficking


               The reality is that most people don’t know the haunting truths when it comes to human sex trafficking.  It takes most people a trip to a foreign country or the daunting visuals via photograph or movie reel to really spark something within them to want to do something.  Truth is… sex trafficking may be happening in your very back yard. 


                Human sex trafficking is not just slavery, but it is a large multi-million dollar business that is the fastest-growing business of organized crime and the third largest criminal enterprise in the world.  Although most human sex trafficking takes place internationally, it also occurs domestically.  The estimation of American youths that are at risk of becoming victims of the commercialized into sexual exploitation is at about 290,000.  Many of the victims within the United States are runaways who eventually become forced into prostitution some coming from abused families and others who have been abandoned.  Others are “recruited” into prostitution from being abducted or even through deceptive agreements between the parent and trafficker.  The poor victims are forced into this industry and taken away from any chance at a normal life, but one revolving around violence, possible drugs, and constant threat and danger. 


                In today’s world, sex trafficking is continuously getting more violent and organized with women and young girls being locked up in room and brothels from sometimes months at a time.  They are drugged, terrorized, and raped repeatedly as their traffickers begin to take control of their victims.  Victims are controlled by their traffickers through continued use of drugs, force, emotional, tactics, and finances.  Something that has especially happened within international sex trafficking is that these youths have been promised something in return of giving into prostitution.  The trafficker and family formed a promise that they would be given money, and husband, and a healthy marriage.  Sadly, the outcome is that the traffickers take advantage of the fact that these young women have no male figure in their lives anymore and they no longer have bonds to the outside world.  These women are stuck with healthy boundaries, relationships, or daily lives.


                This modern day form of slavery is occurring more often than you may think, and it is happening all over the world.  This is beyond being just a national problem, but a local one.  Women and young girls should not be subjected to having their human rights violated and forced into sex-slavery due to the lack of resources, poverty, domestic violence, and finances.  This problem must end in our generation. 





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